A Curmudgeon’s Guide to UX Writing

16 “best practices” I hate

The metaphorical representation of my soul—this grumpy cat.

Useless words


Foursquare coming in hot with the “Retry” CTA.


Moomin’s Stinky doesn’t look sorry at all.


Greetings / Cheers

Oops / Whoops / Shucks / Poops

Yes / No CTAs

People will have to read every single line of this dialog. No thanky.

Learn More / Click Here CTAs

[Anything] now


Click and tap

Thoughtless habits

Human as a standard

Helpful content below buttons and fields

Assuming my emotional context for me

You don’t know me, Cosmo.
The Guardian’s cookie message and emotionally manipulative CTA.

Title case all over the place

Preposition fear

Primary CTAs on the left

Content designer, etc.

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